Repetitive processes and provisioning are some of the processes that we are happy to automate to help dev and ops perform their work autonomously and efficiently. We use Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management tools to achieve the desired state of an environment.

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud technology has opened up the possibility for companies and organizations to quickly distribute their services and scale their operations. With our expertise in Cloud, we can help our customers build a competitive platform. AWS and Openstack are mainly the clouds we work with.


In a fast-growing and fast-changing IT society, collaboration between tech teams is needed more than ever. Attilde has broad competence in DevOps tooling and working towards a DevOps culture. Collaborate with different teams, support development, share knowledge and create a good developer experience between devs and ops.


About Attilde


IT consulting in Stockholm and globally

Attilde is an IT consulting company with a focus on Cloud infrastructure and DevOps where automation plays an important role in the work. We help our customers build and operate environments in the modern platforms and work to adopt the DevOps work methodology where dev and ops collaborate to achieve an understanding, share responsibility and ownership. As we see the increasing need of such competence in Swedish organizations but also around the world, we want to be there and assist with our knowledge to together build a continuous improvement, more stable and scalable IT environment and culture.

Attilde was founded with the purpose to assist with our skills where we are needed. In addition to consulting, we attend training courses, visit events and summits to stay up-to-date with trends and keep our knowledge up-to-date.

What does Attilde mean? For those of you who spend a lot of your time in Linux, you may have already figured out what Attilde means. A place where you spend the majority of your time when you open your eyes in the morning or when you open up your laptop and start your Linux terminal. A place you feel at home, a base to start from.


Collaborations and competence

Attilde has a broad knowledge base in IT and is working with three branches in the platform area - Cloud, DevOps and automation. We are used to work agil and adapt when it does not fit. In addition to solving the practical problems, we work to identify improvements and what gives value to the organization.

We cooperate with other businesses such as other consulting companies, consulting broker or smaller companies that need our expertise. A collaboration with Attilde should feel secure where we have a mutual dialogue and both parties should feel satisfied.

Attilde has education and learning as a branch in which we are engaged in. We have collaborations with talented IT teachers to educate IT students and prepare them for work life. If you are interested in recruting graduated for your team or if are interested in trainings in the areas of systems, Cloud and Linux, please drop us a message


IT certifications are issued by organizations and institutions to individuals who have demonstrated a certain level of knowledge and expertise in a specific area of information technology. The main reason IT certifications exist is to provide proof to a person's skills and knowledge in the specific area.

Attilde certifed in AWS Developer Associate in 2018 and has certification in Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) since 2023.

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Questions? An email away.

Do you have questions and concerns about the services offered? Other questions such as potential collaborations or similar? Attilde is an email away.

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